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Submitted 2 years ago by an admin

There are always free money offers floating about on the internet. It’s just about knowing how to find them and utilise them. Yes, that may sound unrealistic, and I’m not suggesting you can make a living off free money alone. But it’s a fact that there are loads of companies ready to give you free money in the UK just for signing up to their service or downloading their app.

Here is a list of current free money offers that have been tried and tested by us to make you some money. Below you will also find instructions on how to complete the new customer sign-up bonus to receive your free cash.



Attapol - The fastest money making app

Attapol is one of the fastest money making apps out there.

When I started testing this app, I was able to click Cash out within the first day when I started testing it. And when I clicked Cash out, they paid me immediately. Not in ten minutes. Not in five minutes but immediately. You can cashout from £2.50.

Sign up to Attapol to get your welcome bonus

Highest paids surveys, Earn £40-£240

Feed back on products and services and get paid for your opinions.
Paid market research and usability testing – Website testing, game testing, app testing, focus groups, one to one interviews and more.

How does it work?
Companies and organisations across the UK (London, Bristol, Manchester, Leeds, Cardiff, Edinburgh and other cities) will pay you for your feedback about the digital and consumer products and services you use.

What’s in it for me?
You get to inform the design of new products and services as well as receive a cash or gift voucher incentive for taking part in paid market research and usability testing.

See our highest paying surveys here

Passive Apps

Nielsen - £60 free money per year plus £2 bonus

Leave the apps running in the background, no need to do anything else.

Sign up to Nielsen using this link to be eligible for your free £60/years plus £2 bonus

inCompass - Free £30 eGift Cards plus £10 Every Month thereafter!


Your browsing habits can help shape the future of products, services or even entire industries. All you have to do is download the secure app today and receive a £20 signup fee, plus between £5-10 every month thereafter.

Leave the apps running in the background, no need to do anything else.

Sign up to inCompass using this link to be eligible for your free £30 and the £10/month

Honeygain - $5 Signup bonus plus more

Convert your unused internet into money. Cash-out at $20 via PayPal or Bitcoin. Leave the apps running in the background, no need to do anything else.

Sign up to Honeygain using this link to be eligible for your free $5 signup bonus-->

Free Money

Zilch – £15 free money

All new customers to Zilch can get a £15 free Amazon gift card just for signing up, this free £15 can be spent elsewhere if you choose not to use Amazon.

Once signed up you'll receive 1500 reward points which is worth £15.

Click here to see our step by step instuctions

OhMyDosh - Easy £24+ in a few minutes (no spends required)

OhMyDosh is a money-making cashback and rewards site. You can earn money by doing surveys or signing up to free trials etc.

I finally took the plunge with OhMyDosh a couple of weeks ago. It gave me a pretty easy £24+ with just a few minutes of work. I received my payout within 4 days and I'm certainly happy to recommend OhMyDosh!

Click here to see our step by step instuctions

Penfold - £25 Welcome Bonus and enter into £40,000 Giveaway, No ID needed. Just NI number.

Penfold is a fintech pension provider, that is super quick and easy to setup (~5-10 minutes). They are currently offering a £25 bonus towards your pension, to anyone who signups and deposits at least £25 into their new Penfold pension.

You will also be able to transfer this pension to a different provider with no exit fees after your bonus has been applied if you wish. I've personally really enjoyed Penfold's interface, and their customer service has been great so far with me so I don't personally have any plans to leave, but it's easy to do so if you want to consolidate your pension pot in one place!

◉ Signup to Penfold with my blue button below. This should only take ~5-10 minutes
◉ Deposit £25+ into your new pension plan, you can do this via Direct Debit, Instant Payment or Bank Transfer.
◉ Your £25 bonus should be added within 7 working days. Note: The bonus is £20 from Penfold and £5 tax relief from HMRC, the tax relief may take longer to arrive.

Sign up to Penfold using this link to be eligible for your free £25 welcome bonus and enter into £40,000 Giveaway

Shares App - Free £20

Guaranteed £20 worth of shares or fractional shares of your choice, you can choose from hundreds of companies so you can pick one that you believe in.

The free share is able to be instantly withdrawn if you wish to do so.

Claiming this offer is easy!

◉ Press the Green Get Deal Button
◉ Create account and verify ID, and choose the share you wish to receive
◉ Top up your account with £1, and your share is instantly claimable and then able to be withdrawn, if you wish.

Sign up to Shares App using this link to be eligible for your free £20 shares after topping up £1

Amazon Shopper Panel – Free £5 for uploading 10 receipts

The Amazon Shopper Panel is an opt-in, invitation-only program (there's a few spaces for people who haven't been invited) where participants can earn monthly rewards by sharing receipts from purchases made outside of Amazon and answering surveys.

Earning rewards is easy. Simply upload 10 eligible receipts per month by using the Amazon Shopper Panel app to take pictures of paper receipts or by forwarding email receipts

Download Amazon Shopper Panel using this link to download the app

It looks like Qatar Airways have ended this promotion early. Please check out the other offers on this page.
You can get 4000 free Nectar points worth £20 by following the steps below.

1. Join Qatar Airways Privilege Club to get 2,500 free Avios points using the code FLYQR3
2. Create a BA Executive Club account if you dont already have one, the name and date of birth must match.
3. Link your Qatar Airways Privilege Club account to your BA Executive Club account
4. Link your BA Executive Club account to your Nectar Account
5. Move your 2,500 Avios points from Qatar Privilege to BA Executive Club Use the switch icon to move Privilege Club to the top and then enter 2500 under where it says ‘You move’. This will enable the ‘Move my Avios’ button
6. Convert your 2,500 Avios points from BA Executive Club to Nectar points-->

EverUp – Free £4-£200 on sign up plus a chance to win iPhone 13 Pro (priced £949)

Download the app and use code RVMA3172317AODYB

Open a cash account and get up to £200 bonus. The bonus will be paid on the 14th of April.

Plus many chances to win cash prizes

Download EverUp using this link to be eligible for your free bonus

Tymit Credit Card – £15 free money Instantly

Click on my referral link, it will take you to a screen where it will say “Get £15 in credit when you join me on Tymit".

Click on Get the App and install the Tymit Credit Card App then click on Get started once App is installed and then Click on Start Application.

Enter your mobile number, you will be sent a code to verify your mobile number which you need to enter.

Fill out your personal details and when prompted make sure the Referral code NADIMA7808 is typed in that field. If you do not use this Referral Code you will not get the £15 Credit on account if you are approved.

Verify I.D and take a Selfie. I also had to enter my bank details for the verification.

Once you have passed verification and been approved for the Tymit Credit Card, you can use your onscreen card details from the Tymit app to make a £1 transaction (No need to wait for the physical card), I found buying a £1 Amazon Voucher the most convenient option. Once you have completed the £1 transaction using the payment method with your onscreen card details on Amazon, you will be credited £15 on your Tymit Credit Account Balance which will show as a credit so that the balance will show as £14 in credit. (Swipe Available to spend to the left to see your balance)

Sign up to Tymit Credit Card using this link to be eligible for your free £15

Nutmeg – £125-£1000 free money per year, upto £33,000

Get free £125-£1000 (plus interest) every year until you are 50 when you invest £500-£4000 in a Lifetime ISA. This is only available if you are aged between 18-39, the maximum bonus is £33,000 (plus interest) if you open the account at age 18. Funds can be used when you purchase your first home or when you retire at 60.

Sign up to Nutmeg using this link to be eligible for your free £125-£1000

The Credit Thing – £10 free money

The Credit Thing are currently offering £10 if you sign up via referral upon approval of credit.

Although it is a credit card you will be able to bank transfer the £10 to your bank account through the app or just use the onscreen card they provide in the app to spend.

They may ask you to transfer a small amount to the account as part of their verification process but you will be able to transfer that back out (I was asked to topup £0.10 via TrueLayer or scan my ID), You will also need to take a selfie and smile.

Once your credit application is approved and you activate your onscreen card, £10 will be added to your account within 24 hours.

Note that the credit has a fairly high interest rate so I wouldn't recommend spending any of the credit limit unless you plan on clearing the balance at the end of every month.

A Soft credit check will be done.

Sign up to The Credit Thing using this link to be eligible for your free £10

Chip – £10 free money

Complete the account registration process

Select to open a free Chip savings account

Head to your ‘Profile’ and select ‘Promos and Referrals’

Tap the ‘Enter a code’ button

Enter the code ‘CHIP-WUY336‘ to claim your free £10

Head back to the main screen and select ‘Connect your bank account and a debit card’
(This is done via TrueLayer open banking which is regulated by the FCA and is a totally secure way of transferring money)

Once you have linked your debit card and bank account you will need to tap on your Chip Savings Account and select ‘Make your first deposit’

You only need to deposit £1.00 for the offer to be activated

Leave the £1.00 in your Chip account for 30 days and you will then be rewarded with £10!
(You can check the progress of this under the ‘Promos and Referrals’ tab where it says ‘Track your rewards’)

Chip has an AI savings feature which you can turn off by clicking ‘AI Saving’. Select ‘Skip auto-saves’ then select ‘Select a custom date’ and select the latest date possible.

Once the £10 has been credited you can withdraw this and your initial £1.00 back to your bank account.

Sign up to Chip using this link to be eligible for your free £10

Western Union – £10 free money

Get a £10 in Amazon or another gift card for transferring £50 from one bank account to a different bank account via Western Union. Both bank accounts can be under your name. Or you can send it to a friend account that will send the £50 back to you. I wasn't asked for ID.

Sign up to Western Union using this link to be eligible for your free £10

Vanquis – £25 free money

Get £25 for applying for a credit card and making one small transaction. The £25 will be in your account after 45 days.

Sign up to Vanquis using this link to be eligible for your free £25

Snoops– £5 free money

Get £5 Amazon vouchers for linking a money manager app to your bank for at least 14 days.

Sign up to Snoops using this link to be eligible for your free £5

Ziglu – £5 free money

Ziglu is an app for trading cryptocurrency. You can get an easy £5 for free by using the app to buy just £1 of crypto.

To claim this offer, sign up using this link. Create your account and upload a snap of your drivers licence or other ID doc. Wait for your account to be verified (should just be a few minutes).

Once you’re verified, transfer at least £1 to Ziglu and exchange it into (buy) at least £1 of any cryptocurrency. You should see your free £5 in your account right away. Now you can exchange your crypto back into GBP and withdraw it all, including the bonus.

(Note: although the minimum you need to exchange to claim your bonus is just £1, I actually recommend you send slightly more if you want to withdraw the cash again right away. This is because you can’t withdraw less than £1, and there is a 1.25% exchange fee – so if you only transfer £1 you won’t be able to withdraw it and will be stuck with 99p of Bitcoin!)

Remember that if you decide to hold on to your crypto, there’s a chance it could decrease in value.

You can withdraw your money right away. This is an easy way to get free money right now – it takes less than 10 minutes and you’ll have an extra £5 in your bank account!

Sign up to Ziglu using this link to be eligible for your free £5

CashApp – Up to £15 free money

Download CashApp here

Sign up for a free account and link your chosen debit card

Head to the profile icon in the top right hand corner of the app

Scroll down to enter a referral code and enter ‘GMQRMNG‘
(This will apply the bonus to your account)

You will then need to send £5 cash to a friend/partner/family member via CashApp

The easiest way to do this is to send your referral code to your friend/partner/family member and ask them to sign up to CashApp using your link/code.

You will receive an extra £5 for referring them on top of your £5 new customer bonus. Plus your friend/partner will receive a £5 new customer bonus when they send the £5 cash back to you.

Between the two accounts you will receive £15 free cash.

The free money should be in your account the same day.

Sign up to CashApp using this link to be eligible for your free up to £15

Freetrade – Up to £200 free shares

Get a free share worth £10 to £200 for depositing £1, you can easily withdraw the £1 back. You must complete the onboarding checks and complete the W-8BEN form by 29th March 2022

Sign up to Freetrade using this link to be eligible for your free up to £200 shares


TopCashback – £10 free money

Get a £10 bonus when you earn your first £10 cashback with TopCashback here

Quidco – £5 free money

Get a £5 bonus when you earn your first £5 cashback with Quidco here

Airtime Rewards – £1 free money plus more

Save money off your mobile bill when you spend with your favourite brands. Join today for free. Use code 87VRXTJX during signup to get a £1.00 welcome credit when you sign up and spend with 3 days.

Airtime Rewards is a free to download and use app that rewards you money back against your mobile phone bill – both for contract and PAYG.

To earn rewards you’ll need to link your debit or credit cards to the app. This is so we can automatically reward you every time you shop. Your security is our top priority and your card details are kept secure and encrypted.

Simply shop (as usual) with your favourite retailers and restaurants online and on the high street, and you’ll get a discount on your mobile bill.

Sign up to Airtime Rewards using this link to be eligible for your free £1

Free Food

Quandoo – Free £10, no ID required

Quandoo is a cool new table booking app that rewards you for booking tables! Great app if you love going to restaurants

New users can get 1000 points (£10) free via Quandoo which you can withdraw to any bank account. (No ID verification required).

Download the Quandoo app (400 points on sign up)

Book any table at no cost. You need to enter the promo code: QUANDOO5541TBP before tapping Book Now (You will get 500 points for using the promo code)

Book a different table to get another 100 points.

You will now have total 1000 points pending, that's £10

When the points have changed from ‘pending’ to ‘earned’ you will be able to withdraw your free money, the points take about 3 days to appear as payable and you are able to request a withdrawal which takes up to 14 days

⚠️Do not cancel your booking or you will lose the points⚠️

Sign up to Quandoo using this link and scroll down to download the app

Shopmium – Up to 100% cashback

Get a FREE can of Pringles! Download the Shopmium app and use the referral code h8g436

Watch our video to see how easy it is to claim the cashback

Sign up to Shopmium using this link to be eligible for your free can of Pringles and cashback of up to 100%

HelloFresh – £46 of free food

Get up to £46 off HelloFresh Boxes, £26.99 off your first box and £10 off your second and third boxes if you wish to stay subscribed.
You can cancel as soon as you’ve ordered your first box 🙂 or continue to use the rest of discount.

This means if you wish to order 3 meals for 2 people which is the smallest option your box is just £4.99 including delivery!

HelloFresh comes with a recipe card, and all of the Fresh ingredients, sauces and seasonings you need and they have a great variety of meals!

Sign up to HelloFresh using this link to be eligible for your £46 discount

HelloFresh – 60% Discount

Tempted? Thought so. If not - you're about to be. We've got a whole load of exclusive (and seriously good) HelloFresh discount so you can save money on your first order.
What are the discounts exactly? We're talking 60% off your first box (meaning you can enjoy meals starting £1.30/pp) and a further 35% off the next three boxes.

HelloFresh comes with a recipe card, and all of the Fresh ingredients, sauces and seasonings you need and they have a great variety of meals!

Sign up to HelloFresh using this link to be eligible for your 60% discount

Taco Bell – Free Crunchy Taco

Download the Taco Bell app. sign-up using the code NALTK9B510

Sign up to Taco Bell using this link to be eligible for your free Crunchy Taco

Uber Eats – £10 free food

Get £10 off a minimum £15 order when you use Uber Eats for the first time. Enter the promo code eats-92k15uijs6 to claim your discount.

Sign up to Uber Eats using this link to be eligible for your £10 discount

Deliveroo – £10 of free food

Deliveroo will treat you to £10 off across your first 4 orders.

Your credit will be available for 30 days. Minimum order value of £20 to use this credit.

Sign up to Deliveroo using this link to be eligible for your £10 discount

I hope you enjoyed this list of ways to claim free money in the UK. As you can see, there are a few ways to get free money very fast, and other offers that take a bit more time and effort.

It is well worth putting aside a couple of hours to work through this list and see how much you can make.

A lot of these offers come and go. I’ll do my best to keep this list up to date, and add new offers when I find them