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Sika - Biodegradable - Wonder Wipes - Multi-Use Cleaning Wipes for the Building Trade - Specially Formulated to Clean Hands, Tools and Surfaces - 60 Pack

A Everbuild product from Sika

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USES: Removes semi dry paint, sealant, silicone, adhesives, bitumen, expanding form, oil and grease from hands, tools and surfaces
ECO FRIENDLY - Crafted from plant-based materials, our eco wipes are not only effective but also 100% biodegradable and plastic free, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint
EXCEPTIONAL STRENGTH - Engineered with extra thickness and robust design, our wipes provide superior strength for a more reliable and durable cleaning experience
SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING - Our wipes feature flo-wrap packaging, using 77% less plastic than traditional alternatives. This eco-friendly choice minimises waste, contributing to a healthier planet
REDUCE USAGE - Designed for efficiency, thicker and stronger so you use less compared to standard wipes. By using fewer wipes, you contribute to the reduction of waste and overall environmental impact
PACK SIZE - Comes as a pack of 60 wipes