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Free Maggi Juicy Sweet & Sticky BBQ Chicken Recipe Mix and Maggi Juicy Sweet & Spicy Mexican Chicken Recipe Mix

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Submitted 6 months ago by an admin

What’s Cooking? Juicy Mexican Chicken!

Maggi Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Juicy Mexican Chicken* Breast makes it easy and effortless to prepare a South American style dish with no stress or mess with the juicy cooking bag included. Bring the flavours of Mexico to your kitchen with a tempting blend of tasty herbs and spices including cumin and oregano. You can also be assured that we use no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives in this recipe.

*Chicken not included

What’s Cooking? Juicy BBQ Chicken

Maggi Sweet ‘n’ Sticky Juicy BBQ Chicken* makes it easy to prepare a crispy BBQ Chicken meal in the oven. Roasted in a tempting blend of tasty herbs and spices, including warming ginger and citrusy coriander, the mix of barbeque spices in our special juicy cooking bag which allows you to make your meal in an effortless way. The special juicy cooking bag allows your chicken to roast until tender in its juices leaving an appetising aroma that will bring your family to the dining table. You can also be assured that we use no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in the ingredients.

*Chicken not included

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