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Free £20 back. Plus earn £20 per Referral For up for 20 Friends (Total £400)

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Submitted 1 month ago by an admin

Zing is back just a few more hurdles if you wish to get the free £20

To claim your free £20 with Zing, follow these simple steps:

1. Sign Up:

  • Register with a valid ID (passport or driving license).

2. Get Your Zing Card:

  • Choose a virtual card to add to Apple Pay or Google Wallet, or order a physical card. Both options are free, and you can choose to get both if you like!

3. Qualify for the £20 Bonus:

  • To receive your free £20, you need to complete two separate transactions in a foreign currency (not GBP) using your Zing card.

  • Ensure that each transaction is at least the equivalent of £5.

  • Note: You must add funds to your Zing account to cover these transactions.

4. Examples from the T&Cs:

  • Option 1: Make two foreign currency transactions (non-GBP) using your Zing card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. Each transaction should be the equivalent of £5 or more.

  • Option 2: Transfer money in a foreign currency to another Zing member or to any account outside of Zing. Each transfer must be the equivalent of £5 or more.

  • Option 3: Complete one foreign currency card transaction and one foreign currency transfer (each worth £5 or more) to another Zing member or any account outside Zing.

5. Quick Tip to Get Started:

  • Sign up using a referral link.

  • Add £11 to your Zing account.

  • Convert it to Euros or US Dollars.

  • Make two transactions: Send half to your Revolut account, then repeat with the remaining amount.

You'll receive your £20 bonus within 30 days after completing these steps.